Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Body Is Not A Car!

When something on my car breaks, I take it to a mechanic to get it fixed. Other than dropping it off, picking it up and paying for the bill there is nothing required of me. And that's fine, because we are talking about my car here. But why are we applying the same passive attitude to our bodies when it comes to health care? I am tired of being treated by doctors and oncologist like a car. All that is required of me is that I drop off my body for tests, they diagnose and then I submit my body for treatment. They take out a part, replace it with a spare and all along nothing else is required of me.

But it isn't just that doctors don't see me as a whole person (and of course some do), but we as a society have adopted this blind faith in medicine and have given up responsibility. Wake up people! It's ok to question the status quo and it is certainly ok to question the health care system! You have to realize that sickness is a resource as lucrative as any other. And there is financial incentive, if not pressure, for the pharmaceutical industry to come up with new lucrative solutions to health problems or in turn health problems to their patented solutions. So when a child has a hard time focusing in school and can't ever calm down we could could look at some possible causes for this behavior. Maybe it has something to do constant stimulus of computers, video games, cell phones and the five hours of TV a day? Maybe we could look at the incredible amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup combined with the utter lack of nutritional value the food this child is receiving? Maybe we could look at the family situation and look for sources of conflict, emotional pain etc.
But if we think of our bodies as cars, with faulty parts that need to be fixed, then it makes perfect sense to give this behavior a name and purchase a solution. The child gets drugged with Ritalin and no one has to change.

Maybe it's time we start evaluating our own attitudes toward our health and begin taking proactive action. Just a thought...

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