Saturday, August 20, 2011

Masaro Emoto - Modern Water Research Pioneer

Yesterday I wrote Viktor Schauberger, who was a pioneer and the father of water research. Today I want to highlight the work of another pioneer, Masaro Emoto. In his book 'The Hidden Messages in Water' he showed his work, which had yielded amazing results. He had taken water samples and flash froze droplets in order to take pictures of the crystals that would form. He then began influencing the water, prior to freezing it, using different vibrations such as music. He explored the difference between more harmonious music such as Mozart and more aggressive music like death metal. The pictures speak for themselves.

Top left: Mozart's Symphony No. 40, top right: Bach's Goldberg Variations, bottom left: Japanese Pop song, bottom right Heavy Metal Music.

He then started to test finer more subtle vibrations, such as human emotion. These were his results:

The caption incorrectly identifies the top two images as 'molecules' when they really are crystals.

If this at all sparks your interest, you should watch 'What the bleep to we know' it's a great movie and you'll be able to find it on YouTube. Following that, you might want to check out the film 'Water - The Great Mystery' another amazing film and you can watch it on my website at

That's it for me for today. I am off to do some floating down the river with friends....

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