Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Bold Goal

I have had this blog for several months now and have done nothing with it. I decided that I wanted a blog, created it, wrote the first entry and told no one about it. Pretty safe, no knows, no one can tell me it sucks. So today I am writing my second entry and I am declaring my intention to write everyday for 90 days. That means in 90 days this blog will have 91 entries and it's safe to say that some may very well suck. But hopefully I will have found my voice and hopefully some of the readers have gained value in reading this blog or they have at the very least been entertained.
If you are reading this you probably want to know what I plan on writing about to decide if you are going to continue to read it. This blog is about Health first and foremost, so I will try to write mostly about that. I see myself creating categories and sharing information I have learned about healthy living. I may share some recipes, or write about a fascinating study on the effects of meditation on the immune system. I may share photos or videos that I take myself or ones I find elsewhere. I hope that in reading this blog you, the reader will find little nuggets of information that will help you live a little healthier.
I'd like to thank my friend Shawna for providing me with the encouragement I needed to get going. Thanks Shawna, you rock!

Here's a little health tip for today's entry: start your day with a lemon drink. Squeeze half a lemon (preferably organic) into a glass, grate some fresh ginger into it (we keep ours in the freezer, which keeps it fresh and makes it easier to grate), add a bit of cayenne pepper and fill up with warm water.
Why should you do this? Lemon is alkalizing (that's a good thing) and this drink will stimulate bile production. Think of it as the glow plug for your diesel engine stomach. My Naturopath Dr. Jones calls this "a quick and easy method to flush your liver each day as well as 'warm up' your digestive tract." You should have this drink about 15 to 20 min before you eat breakfast every morning. The reason the water needs to be warm is that cold water will cause the muscles in your digestive tract to contract and that is counterproductive to what your are trying to achieve.

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  1. Great first entry! Thanks for the tip, too; I'll try it and come back tomorrow for what's next. Keep 'em coming!