Sunday, January 29, 2012

The 5 Biological Laws - A New Paradigm for Medicine

I haven't written anything in a while and now I am about to launch in a somewhat daunting task of writing about the 5 Biological Laws. Part of the reason I haven't been writing is because I often wrote about topics I was currently reading about. Well, for the past few months I have been mostly reading about this topic and I just haven't felt ready to dive into this one. Actually I still don't feel ready and I hope I don't botch this one, but here we go...

The next few blog entries will be my attempt to provide an understanding of the 5 Biological Laws as discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. I am using the book 'Disease is another thing!' (I imagine the title is somewhat less awkward in italian...) written by Marco Pfister and Simona Cella. The 5 Biological Laws, which were called 'New Medicine' by Dr. Hamer, give an entirely new understanding of how diseases develop. It answers both how and why we get sick and requires a complete shift in paradigm of medicine. To describe what I mean by shift in paradigm, let me share the analogy used in the book of "changing the room". Our fundamental view on health is that of a battle field, where our immune system fights disease which is "bad". Now, whether you have a completely allopathic view and believe that diseases must be fought with aggressive drugs and surgeries or prescribe more to the naturopathic / holistic view of treating the whole person, supporting the immune system in order to heal the person, fundamentally the view point remains the same. That is: the disease is bad and needs to be fought. To get back to the my analogy, you can re-arrange a bunch of furniture and even bring in a whole bunch of new furniture, but ultimately you are still in the same room, a room that is defined by the philosophy of the battle field. What the 5 Biological Laws require is that you step into a completely different room. This of course can be a challenge because you will be tempted to evaluate this new room based on what you learned in the previous one. In other words, if you've always known the world to be the center of the universe and flat, then the thought of a round planet that orbits the sun can be a challenge.
So I hope for those who read the next few blog entries, that you will allow yourself to step into a new way to look at health and what we call disease. If you find yourself intrigued, I hope you will explore this subject a bit further. I will do my best to provide you with some more resources in English. I also want to caution you from looking up Dr. Hamer on Wikipedia and forming your opinion on this entire subject solely on what you find there.
Finally, I want to clarify that the 5 Biological Laws are not a new form of treatment or therapy. They are a set of laws that provide an entirely different framework for describing the complex and complicated phenomena of "health" and "disease". The beauty of them lies in their simplicity as well as in the fact that they are verifiable by everyone. Once you fully understand this subject matter (and this may require a bit more than simply reading the next few blog entries here) you will be able to verify these laws next time you 'catch and cold' for example.
So I hope you will allow yourself to be challenged in your views and go on a journey with me. Remember that if history has taught us anything, it's that chances are, what we currently know to be the truth isn't really. At some point, it was believed that disease was punishment from god for our sins and thank goodness we got over that one! (at least most us did...) So, give this a try and see if this can serve us as a better model for explaining what happens in our bodies.